What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

May 31, 2019

Digital Marketing is using various digital channels and mediums to connect with your prospective customers where they spend maximum time i.e. ONLNE.

Though there is a wide range of activities which comes under Digital Marketing, we would try to explain the most commonly used.

Pay Per Click (Paid Search):

As the name suggests, it refers to pay per click advertising, which typically gets the sponsored results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The payment is made once the Pay per click ad is clicked. We can customize our ads by using certain keywords which are used in searching and thus target the potential customers. The various channels where we can use the PPC area.

Google Ads: By using the key words the your websites can come on the top slots in Google SERP.

Paid Ads on Facebook: Users can pay to post an image, slide show, video which the Facebook publishes to the news feeds of your target audience.

Sponsored messages on Linkedin: The users pay to send sponsored messages to target audiences who are Linkedin users.

Twitter Ads campaigns: The users pay to place series of posts or profile badge to the Newsfeeds of the target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

This is a process of optimizing your website by optimizing the content, technical set-up to rank the website high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This is basically to attract more organic traffic to your website when the visitors search for products & services which you are dealing in. There are various ways to approach SEO in order to generate the right traffic to your website which includes:

On Page SEO: This refers to all the content that is on the website pages

Off Page SEO: The other way of increasing the traffic on the website without going on the page, is through other publishers who write posts, blogs using keywords that  link back to your website. This way also your rank improves on the SERP.

Technical SEO: This is concerned with the coding of your WebPages in the backend of the website. This includes image compression, structured data and CSS file optimization. This technical SEO increases the speed of website loading.

Content Marketing

As the saying goes “Content is the king”, it denotes creation and promotion of the content assets which fuels to drive the digital marketing activities. It’s the main pillar of Modern SEO, it helps in increasing your reach on the social media and has the ability to provide value to customer targeted through emails.

The channels that play important role in content marketing strategy are Blog Posting, Ebooks, Infographics.

Social Media Marketing

As the name suggests, it is promoting the brand and the content on the various social media channels to increase brand awareness, boosting traffic and lead generation for the business. The various channels used in social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Whatsapp,  Instagram.

Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest digital marketing tools and still is relevant. Many businesses make the email marketing campaigns to promote content, events, sending newsletters, follow-up emails, emails welcoming the new customers etc.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a software which ties all your digital marketing together. It streamlines and automates all the repetitive marketing tasks and workflows. If used effectively it can help you sort everything you work on the campaign, it’s serving and track the performance of the campaigns. In other words, it measures the results and ROI of the campaigns and give you insight on which programs are working and which aren’t.


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