What is the difference between a backend and a front-end programming language?

What is the difference between a backend and a front-end programming language?

Jun 06, 2019

Frontend Web Development.

Frontend web development, also known as “client-side” development, includes everything the user experiences directly: from text and colours to buttons, images and navigation menus. One of the objectives of designing the site are that when we open the site we see the information is in a format that is relevant and easy to read. In today’s time the devices on which the site may open have varying sizes and resolutions, therefore it’s important to ensure that the site comes up correctly on the device. We also need to ensure the correctness of the site on different browsers and operating systems.

The main languages used for Frontend Web Development are:

 HTML: It is a fundamental coding language used for creating and organising web content to be displayed in a browser.

CSS: It is a language that accompanies HTML and defines the style of a Website’s content like layout, fonts, colour etc.

JavaScript: This is a programming language for the interactive content in the website like the contact forms, dropdown menus etc..

Besides the main languages there are other languages which are used nowadays along with the main languages like Bootstrap and Angular, JavaScript libraries like jQuery etc.


Backend Web Development

The backend web development, also known as the “server-side”, is not visible. The backend of a web application is an enabler for a front end experience. It’s responsible for storing and organising data and ensuring that the front-end actually works. The back-end of an application ensures things like calculations, database interactions, business logic and performance and communicates with the front-end, sending and receiving information to be displayed as a webpage. Whenever you interact on the website like filling up a contact form or making an online purchase, the browser send a request to the server side which in turn sends the information in the form of a front-end code which is displayed on the website. The back-end codes run on the server as opposed to the client so its important to know the programming languages, databases and server architecture to avoid slow loading of application, website crashes etc..

Since most of the codes in an application are written on the backend, therefore, it should be easy to understand and work with. The App contains the front-end code but it has to be build using a language that a database can recognise. The commonly used back-end languages are Ruby, PHP,.Net, Java and Python.

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